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Healthy Easy Chicken Stir Fry

There are days where I make filet mignon with bourbon glaze and bask in the glory of my

“chef-i-ness”. There are days where I am elated at the idea of hosting Thanksgiving and cooking the entire meal myself. Then there are days where I eat cereal and wine for dinner. I enjoy cooking. It can be incredibly relaxing to me under the right circumstances. On the average weeknight though,

I come home from teaching dance to find my son running around like a mad man, toddler toys all over the floor and probably a pile of laundry haunting me that I need to put away. On those nights

I need a quick meal that won’t make tons of mess to clean up and that my son will eat; preferably a one-pot meal like this one. I’m also really into Asian cuisine right now, as you will see in my upcoming sushi tutorials (WOOHOO), because it is fast and healthy. There’s no salting necessary because of the flavor of the sauce and the whole thing takes about 15- 20 minutes with prep! I hope you enjoy and it takes a little stress out of your week.

(recipe video below)

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