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Crysti Miller

Single Mom, Real Estate Agent, Dance Teacher, Costume Designer, Lover of all things Food and Wine,  Proud Feminist, Mess-maker

I am a 37 year old, working single mom who loves to laugh, dance, cook, drink wine and wax poetic about life and its mysteries...while drinking more wine. I have found that so many of the things that I love are messy: My four year old son, cooking, Pinterest projects, wine (of course), my relationships, my sewing room, my get the point.


They say that an artist's mind is chaos and I can attest to that, but I have come to love the mess. I have embraced it and begun to see all of the beauty that comes from the mess. My hope is that you will find some joy in embracing the mess of life with me as I share my beautiful messy life with you! 

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