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Owning My Truth

When I started this blog it was as an outlet for me to share myself, the good, the bad, the messy. To hopefully bring inspiration or at least a smile to someone’s day/life. Turns out that when I started the blog I wasn’t ready to really be real about myself and my mess. In fact, I was a big ole chicken! The thought of being vulnerable made me shrink and retreat. Truth is…I was hiding from myself. Speaking the truth means facing the truth and all the messy reality around it. It’s impossible to be authentic with others if you aren’t being authentic with yourself and I was terrified to be authentic with myself because then I would have to make changes.

The past year of my life has been, in fact, a whirlwind of change; some liberating, some easy and some just down right gut wrenchingly painful. But what has come from it is a new, honest relationship with myself. I have rediscovered how much I really love being me. I remind the kids that I teach all the time that the only person that is guaranteed to be with you your entire life is YOU. Yet, we lie to ourselves, treat ourselves like crap and often times change who we are and what we desire to suit others even if they’ve never asked us to do anything of the sort. Why, oh why do we do that? I decided that I was tired of doing just that. I was really ready to love myself again.

Over the next few blogs (because Lord knows it’s too much for one blog) I’m gonna share with you my journey to this place of loving me. I’m going to be vulnerable and open up about how I got to the lowest of my personal lows and how I dug myself out.

Why share? Why air your “dirty laundry” you may say? Well…I have no intention of airing my dirty laundry per say, but instead, owning my truth and sharing my personal struggle because when I was struggling most I did what every sane person does at one o’clock in the morning after three glasses of wine…I Googled. I searched and searched for anyone that was going through what I was or even something similar and how they got through it. I wanted to not feel alone. I wanted a light at the end of what seemed to be my never-ending tunnel. So I will share and hopefully by doing so, be that light for someone or at least just a voice of hope at the end of the tunnel shouting..."KEEP WALKING". By sharing I make myself vulnerable, but by making myself vulnerable I open myself up to growth and possibility.

So often we hold ourselves hostage by the fantasies we create of how things should or could be instead of setting ourselves free with the truth. So I will tell my truth and remind you that your truth is beautiful. Your story is beautiful because it is yours and you are beautiful and full of possibility. The chapters of your story yet to be written are entirely up to you.

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